Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I did not want to had to write this blog, but God sometimes changes the direction we are going. September 19, 2011 3:06 PM He changes the course of my life. Leighton went home to be with the Lord and now he is well again probably running a new race everyday. Oh how I loved that man and oh how I miss him, but I know I will see him again someday. Each of you that have followed his ramblings know that he was a fighter and loved life. Because he was a kind person he left his mark on hundreds of lives. Our chapel was filled to standing room only on the morning of his memorial service. What a tribute to a life well lived.

I want to thank each of you for all your prayers and words of encouragement over these past months. You kept him believing that he would beat this terrible "C".

We went to New Mexico for the month of August. What a wonderful time we had. We saw old friends - held our wine glasses to the sunset - even saw a few (every few) sunrises - celebrated birthdays - played with our grandchildren - had the usual Labor Day party and it did not rain. On September 10 we danced the night away at a Chamber Gala. He kept saying just one more dance. What a gift of love he gave me that six weeks. I look at it as my birthday gift of a life time. So many people never have the joy that God gave us in that six weeks.

In trying to sum up Leighton's life, I would have to use one of his mothers favorite expressions: "You done good"!

I love you honey, Lynda

Monday, September 12, 2011

Well, will wonders never cease? Here I am on my way to the hospital to get my feeding tube back. Why? Because I'm getting ready to get some more chemo. Why? Because I've got some "hot spots" the doc wants to eliminate and he knows that, in the past, chemo has "striped" a little weight off me.
Back to the "wonders never cease." Seems that I saw the doc back in July and I was down to 120 --- and that's skinny on me --- and he told me then about gaining weight and why. So, off we (Lynda and I) set to try to do that very thing. Try as I might it wouldn't happen. When I would eat "too much" my gut would crap and I would down for 3 or 4 hours, but we kept trying. Eating peanut butter at 10 and 2. Eating as often as possible. Nothing worked. 120 every day and sometimes a pound below. Baw Humbug! Today, I took my shower, with anteseptic soap as prescribed, and I weighed. 122! Hey, can we put this off for a week or so? Guess not but it sure crossed my mind.
Earlier today I was a bit nervous about this procedure but a visit with the Lord assured me, again, that He was in control and I didn't have a thing to worry about.
Keep me and all my cancer pals in your prayers. Will let you know how this day turns out.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well, since I'm dropped about 5 pounds looks like I'll be getting my tube back next month! About 3 weeks ago I went to 120 and have not varied from that. Am still eating "better" but obviously not enough to gain any weight. Now I'm (kinda) looking forward to the tube. Tire of feeling tired. My voice is doing well but it's more husky sometimes but I'm just glad I can talk where someone can understand me. It's hard for me to believe how wonderful it is that the Lord gives the stamina to encounter these challenges. When I think I can't go I just do, and live to tell about it. Keep all my cancer buddies in your prayers --- and especially Lynda. She just keeps on keeping my spirits up when I even think about "getting down."

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Are things happening to me only once a month? In my dreams that might be happening but in reality it's a daily occurrence and I haven't been reporting in a "timely fashion." Will I do better in the future? Only the Lord can answer that question.
In the last 30 days I've had a PET scan. Results: "Somewhat increased activity in a few lymph nodes." That wasn't what I wanted to hear but the facts are the facts and the sooner you find out the sooner you can address them! Next phase: Chemo starts mid September. Why wait so long? Doc is giving me the chance to gain some weight (I'm cruising along at 125) or I've got to get the tube back in my gut, in order to get nourishment.
I am eating more this week than I did last week but I had about three weeks where I was "weak and heavy laden." The best way I could describe how I felt was this way. If you have a Kindle or Laptop and you don't keep them connected to electricity they come back and tell you, "Your battery has only 20% remaining and I'm shutting down now." So, I sit or lay down, no choice!
I guess really I do have a choice but if I do when I get down to 10% it really takes a lot to "recharge" me.
But, today, that ain't happening and I'm rejoicing. Lynda and I are in the mountains of New Mexico, and it's cool. The Lord be willing, I will gain another 10 pounds before we go home the 7th of September, but if I don't I'll welcome that feeding tube back. Still have three granddaughters to see get married (and one grandson) and that's quite a few days off! Or, if they chose not, see what kind of life they choose and/what the Lord has in store for them! Besides that, Lynda would kill me if I died.
Cancer buddies of mine for you to pray for: Gary C, Jimmy D, Eric A, Jim W, Dan S (a new entry as of last week) and Bob M (another new guy to the club). That's all for today.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

So, is there a valid reason for my not updating my Blog in almost a month? No! It just seems that I've reached a "plateau" in my healing process. About a month ago my gut, (not my stomach, which is behind my breast bone now), starting cramping ever time I ate. And the only way I could get "away" from the feeling was to sit down and go to sleep for an hour. Obviously I didn't look forward to eating so consequently I didn't eat right and lost some weight. Not good for someone has to struggle to gain a pound. Went to the doc that does scopes from the top down and he didn't find any problems that jumped out at him, but he gave me a pill that helps my gut (colon, stomach) move the food on down thru it's channel. However, it seems that sometimes after I eat a "sense of tiredness" seems to sweep over me and again I have to take a nap. I've kept thinking I would work thru this phase but it hasn't happened, yet, but it will. Along with this one of my vocal cords decided to stop working and I now talk in three seconds bursts. Still about to communicate but it's a "drag" for me and those who try to understand me. But, help is in sight. Tomorrow, one my brother's colleagues, Doctor Peter J, will inject some collegian into it and I should be able to talk somewhat better. Would, of course, appreciate your prayers.
This AM I had another scan to see exactly how the cancer is doing since the last one I had three months ago. Should know something about that in a coupla days and I promise I will let you know. Did take a few days off last week and visited Arlington, VA, to see my #1 granddaughter's "new" (1930's bungalow) home that she and her husband had spent the last three of four months renovating it. They had a great open house and just less than 100 people showed up. Was great getting out of town.
Oh yeah, keep my caregiver in your prayers also, she goes for a "collonostomey" (not spelled right and SPELLCHECK wont help). Latest prayer list includes, Jimmy D, Jim W, Pam P, (and a new "cancer pal") Dan S, Eric A and another new guy Bob M. That's all folks, for today!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

April, May, now June. Have been quite too long.
First, I'm doing well and holding my own. Which means the cancer and I are head to head. It's not getting the next foothold and neither am I. To recap, I had that good scan in December, "significantly reduced" and another in March, "holding my own", which are both great. In January, with that good news, I decided to eat on my own for about 3 weeks and it worked well enough for me to remove the feeding tube. Then for the next 4 weeks I maintained my (skinny) weight, about 140 and then I started dropping something, it seems like, an ounce a day, and could not get it back. Finally down around 134 and it seems like I'm eating all the time, but I can only eat so much before my gut starts cramping. So then I try to eat that much but more often. Never finish a "meal" that I'm not thinking about the next. Not because I'm hungry but because I need to sustain my energy level. But, hey, at least I'm here to do it. I get another scan on July 19 and, who knows, maybe they will find what is causing it. I did have an upper scope, about 3 weeks ago, and the doc didn't find any more cancerous growths, so that's a wonderful thing. I'm hoping and praying that I'm just going thru a "phase" and I'll come out the other side being able to eat (and enjoy it) and start gaining just a little weight. Just some would help my feeling.
Oh yeah, for some reason one of my vocal cords quit working. You should (not) hear me try to talk! Speak in 3 second bursts. Not good at all on the phone. My brother, Charles, the ENT Doc, my be going to inject something in the cord that's not working that should give me a better voice. Kinda tough on a guy who makes his living talking, but as always, I have Lynda here to cheer (and admonish --- when I don't do my voice exercises) me on! What would I do without her? Don't even ask!
Thanks for all your prayers and I promise I will be more forthcoming in the future and not let my spirits get down. One has to hold one's faith because it doesn't hang around on it's own. Each day I remind myself that the Lord has kept me around for a reason and each day I look to see what it is for that day.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I received an email from a long time friend who said, "You, obviously, must be doing better because you haven't updated your blog lately."
I am proud to report that she was right, and I apoligize for not, at least, let you share in this last three weeks journey as I fought thru my worst fears as I had lost about five pounds. It, now, seems that I "worryed" myself into that little problem, but now I plan on solving it.
Last Monday I went for a CAT Scan. First one I've had since December 21. The results came back today. "No new involvement. Situation in my body is stable". Second best result I could expect, with number 1 being, "Cancer Free" but the Lord is saving that for sometime down the road. Now, don't think I'm "foreshadowing" what I would like for Him to do, it's just fact. I will be cancer free someday, either way!
Plan on running a 5 K on Saturday. Also will have my two youngest grandchildren with me to run a 1 K. Claire, 9, and Clay, 6, are involved in Track so I'm sure they will outrun their Granddad, and that's OK.
Please add another name to your prayer list. A buddy of mine, Eric, just found out he's has cancer and it's "off to the races" with him to fight this junk!
Lynda, after she quit jumping up and down, is doing well. I swear all this stuff is harder on her than it is on me, but the plus side on that is that she is more joyous with the good news. Makes my heart proud.
As I've said many times, without all your prayers and the help of a good woman, (Lynda), I'd been dead a long time ago.
Love you all.